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Advanced Alignment Tools & Equipment - Premier Car Care

For Minor Collisions & Impacts

Since your vehicle’s alignment depends on your driving habits and road conditions, it’s important that you make them a part of your routine maintenance services. We understand how potholes and curbs can seemingly come out of nowhere. If you experience a noticeable impact on the road, the chances are your wheels have become misaligned. The situation will only get worse as time goes on. Wheels also become misaligned after normal wear-and-tear on the highway. Drivers may unconsciously overcompensate their steering because of a misalignment, but this only delays the inevitable and costs them more money in the long run. Avoiding wheel alignment service for your vehicle can prove dangerous and expensive.

Protect Your Passengers and Your Tires

If you notice that your vehicle is starting to drift on its own, that’s a good time to bring the wheel alignment specialists at Premier Car Care. The earlier you bring us your car, the earlier we’ll be able to restore precise alignment for continued straight driving. Getting early attention for your vehicle’s alignment is key to quality maintenance service. Other than drifting, you might notice uneven tire tread wear. This causes early replacement of tires and increases potential dangers on the road. When you come to Premier Car Care in Odessa for your routine wheel alignment services you’ll never waste money on tires. We just want you to get the maximum use out of your tires. Precise wheel alignments are a great way to preserve tires and save money.

Schedule Your Wheel Alignment Service Today!

The talented team at Premier Car Care is complemented by top quality tools and equipment. We have the skills and experience to perform precision wheel alignment services, but we also stay equipped and up to date on all alignment service technology. Visit Premier Car Care at our 2nd Street location or give us a call today at 432-332-0647. We look forward to serving you!

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24 Months / 24,000 Mile Warranty

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