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Bring Us Your Fleet! - Premier Car Care

Keep Your Vehicles On the Road!


Premier Car Care in Odessa, TX provides businesses and organizations the type of repair services they need. Time is money and you don’t have any to waste. So our team is quick to diagnose correctly and fix any repair needs so your fleet remains on the road. The one thing about repair needs is that you never see them coming. They pop up out of nowhere at the most inconvenient time. But our fleet repair services can most of these problems coming from miles away. Let’s avoid these repairs altogether with timely and efficient maintenance services. This gives our techs the chance to really get to know your fleet. You can trust our clean and careful inspections and maintenance. Any time that you spend on vehicle repairs is time that you can’t spend running a successful business operation. Let us take the worry out of your fleet’s operation with effective repairs and maintenance. We’re keeping you ahead of any costly repairs and breakdowns with a factory-approved maintenance schedule.

Advanced Technology–Next Level Fleet Services

Our team stays abreast of all the latest technology in order to provide superior auto services. At our 2nd Street location, we can stay in close contact with all of our customers. The speed and quality of our service have been improved through the use of tools like AutoVitals software. The communication between our team and our customers is instantaneous and informative. Your fleet will get the benefit of these tools which makes sure you hold onto more of your most valuable resource–time! Let us see what’s going on with your car with a photo, email, text, etc. before coming all the way down to the shop. We can also communicate with customers about problems we recognize and get customer’s remote approval for services. Upon viewing photos of a specific issue, we can get right to work on getting your fleet road-ready. Back in circulation is where they can make you some money, and be most productive.

We’ll Service Your Entire Fleet!

We’re waiting for your call! All we do is fix and maintain vehicles so you never have to worry about their performance. Our team of auto care professionals are highly-skilled using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your fleet stays fully operational. Premier Car Care in Odessa, TX specializes in fleet repairs at its large 2nd Street location. Schedule your fleet’s service today at 432-332-0647. We look forward to serving you and your fleet!

Why Choose Premier Car Care?

Factory OEM Parts

We Use Factory OEM Equipment & Parts

24 Months / 24,000 Mile Warranty

24 Months / 24,000 Mile Warranty

After Hours Drop-off Available

After Hours Car Drop-off Available

Se Habla Español

Se Habla Español